Liver - The unsung superfood you never knew about

January 15, 2021

While beef liver may have fallen out of fashion many years it has recently gotten another shot in the limelight, being lauded as a superfood by the keto community. So what's the deal with liver?

While most people tend to favor fruits and veggies to get their vitamins and minerals, Liver far surpasses them all in terms of nutrient density and bioavailability (can your body absorb it?). As little 3.5 oz has over 3,460% of our required daily intake (RDI) of Vitamin B12! Liver is also celebrated for its high concentrations of Vitamin A, Copper, zinc and other vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids. Women who are iron deficient, or those who struggle with heart disease, migraines, Parkinson's disease and more have been encouraged to introduce liver into their diet to help mitigate symptoms. 

Nerd Alert:  My recent research into fatigue and migraine fighting food has led me to data suggesting beef liver's high concentration of Coenzyme Q10 can help mitigate migraines!

One of the biggest concerns I hear, outside of flavor, is that the liver is where toxins are metabolized in the body. The good news is that our beef does not get any antibiotics or hormones, and is entirely grass fed! Our chickens are raised on pasture and get non-gmo, antibiotic-free feed so you can eat Walker Farms liver with confidence. 

Tips for making great liver:

  1. Soak liver in whole milk, or <2% milk with lemon juice, helps remove the bitter taste. You should soak your liver for at least two hours, or up to a day ahead of time in the refrigerator.
  2. Salt before you sear. I like to use coarse ground salt because of the flavor profile it provides. 
  3. Only cook for a few seconds on each side. Overdone liver is about as good as boot leather. 

Interested in learning more? HealthLine has a wonderful article on Why Liver Is a Nutrient-Dense Superfood.

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