Delivery Charge Changes

July 6, 2021

At the beginning of the Pandemic we made the collective decision to freeze our prices as customers faced joblessness, pay cuts, and food insecurity. As a family business we do our best to take care of your families. We are now well over a year past the shut down date. As businesses re-open, people return to work and the economy begins to bounce back, we've once again opened the excel sheets and taken some time to look at the numbers.

I'll be honest, in the wake of COVID, our input costs have almost doubled. Labels alone have jumped 20%, and feed prices are soaring so we need to adjust our pricing to reflect these impacts.

To be eligible for FREE home delivery, your order must be over the delivery cap. Below you will find the delivery fee cap for each delivery zone:

  • Elk River + / Princeton + Zimmerman - $50.00
  • TC/Ham Lake - $75.00
  • St. Cloud - $75.0
  • 0Big Lake - $75.00

Please note, the "Delivery Cap" is the reflects the order value to be eligible for free home delivery. Any order below the cap will have a charge of $0.10/lbs charge applied.

A Special Note on Eggs...

Eggs on orders with values below the delivery cap will result in a $2.00 delivery charge/dozen.

Co-op Discounts

Last but not least, we will be discontinuing the Elk River Area Food Co-op and Good Earth Food Co-op member 5% discount. If there comes a time when input costs go down and our margin becomes wider, we will evaluate the possibility of reinstating member discounts. 

Thank you

We want to thank you for taking the time to gain understanding surrounding these changes, and hope that you see we are trying to do our best to serve you, your family and our community while balancing the needs of our own family. We are all feeling the lasting impacts of this historical event in world history. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to Liese via or (763) 220-2527 ext. 2.

Anneliese Walker

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