Delivery Details for Thursday

March 18, 2020

We usually don’t send out a reminder the day before deliveries, but we have a few things to note and have quite a few new customers for tomorrow.

If you still want to place an order for delivery or pickup tomorrow, please have it in by midnight. We are swimming in eggs, so tell your friends! A reminder we do a referral program and give you a $10 credit for everyone you refer that places an order.

To our new customers – We normally do bi-weekly deliveries to the Elk River Area & NW Suburbs area, monthly to St. Cloud, and other areas by appointment. Please leave a cooler outside your door. We usually deliver in Walker Farms green freezer bags, but we may be short due to demand this week. We ‘trade’ out those bags on deliveries, so if you order again please leave out the bag and egg cartons for us to collect on your next delivery.

Due to the circumstances right now, we will be doing contactless deliveries. We will be leaving your order in your cooler, and ringing the door bell UPS style and leaving, not hanging around even though we would love to say hi!! If you chose ‘pay at pickup’ instead of putting in a credit card, an invoice with your actual total will be going out tonight(03/18/2020). Please leave a check in the cooler, or we will send an invoice afterwards.

If you chose on-farm pickup, please give us an approximate time you’ll be by if you have not.

30851 146th St. NW
Princeton, MN 55371

We will be having a few different routes going tomorrow, so please have your cooler out by 9am tomorrow. A majority of the deliveries will take place in the afternoon.

We are thankful to be able to keep your fridges and freezers stocked during these unprecedented times and appreciate you choosing to buy local. We will be back to our regularly scheduled deliveries next week and will add extras if the demand is there. If you have any questions please shoot us an e-mail or call.

Becky Walker

Walker Farms
Princeton, MN

Becky Walker

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Feb 5th, 2019