Minnesota Shelter in Place Order and Walker Farms

March 25, 2020

Many of you have been asking about our plans following the Shelter in Place Order released by Governor Walz this afternoon. The Shelter in Place order will be in effect from March 27 at 11:59PM through April 10, 2020. According to the state we are an essential business as a food business, so we will continue maintain our home deliveries as scheduled, and will offer more structured on farm pick up. We will not abandon you during this time of need, and will continue to do our part to make this situation as enjoyable as possible... Due to increased demand, we have opened up our delivery area to include the Metro Area this week. To see if you qualify, please create your account and check your zip code.

How is Walker Farms addressing bio-security concerns? Walker Farms will only be offering in home delivery which requires zero human contact. Think of it as the most nutrient dense ding-dong-ditch you've ever experienced. We will be sanitizing bags between deliveries to stop any home to home (or home-to-farmer) transmission. Bonus: Because bags are cloth and porous, the chance of transmitting COVID-19 on those surfaces is incredibly unlikely. 

IF YOUR HOME IS INFECTED OR QUARANTINED due to an active virus, PLEASE let us know. We will still deliver to your home, however, we will just drop your order at your door and will not take your reusable delivery bags. Once you're all peachy keen and there is no active infection in your home for a month, we will gladly start swapping bags again. 

How to stay connected while sheltering in place:

We are rolling out some online events in the form of online meetings, Facebook live(s) and the creation of our Facebook Group. Upcoming events include:

  • 03/27 8:30PM - whenever / Walker Farms After Hours
  • 03/28 9:00 - 10:00(ish) AM / Yoga with AnnelieseThis'll be a wee bit of a "fly by the seat of your pants" deal.
  • 03/28 1:00 - 4:00 PM - On Farm Pick up - We will talk with you from 6+ feet away, but it's a great excuse to take a ride to the countryside!
  • Stay tuned for more opportunities to get connected!

Are you new to Walker Farms? Here are some of our most common questions:

How does in home delivery work? After you have created your account, filled your shopping cart and confirmed your purchase, we will pack your order for delivery. On your scheduled day of delivery, we ask that you always leave a cooler out for us on or near your front porch, or entry, in a nice shaded area not subject to direct sunlight. Upon delivery we will leave your order in the cooler provided. We always try to deliver in an insulated Walker Farms Delivery bag, although due to increased demand we have run out of them so you may receive your order in a paper or plastic bag. 

What do I do with the insulated delivery bag? We encourage you to use the insulated bag between deliveries to do your personal shopping. This helps all of us reduce our use of single use plastic and paper bags. When you are ready to order again, simply place the empty bag in your cooler on your front porch and we will swap them out at delivery. 

My house is not in your delivery area. Can I still purchase from you? Yes! We offer on farm pick up as well and it's a wonderful excuse to take a ride out to the country side. We hope to see you this Saturday, March 28 from 1:00-4:00 PM. If you have any questions, call Anneliese at 218/290-8024 (Please bring your own cooler or insulated bag. We really are running short.)

Anneliese Walker

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