2021 Lamb Pre-order

We are gauging interest on Custom Lamb

How It Works

1 Determine your share.

A whole lamb share typically hangs around 70-75 lbs. Your final take-home product will weigh roughly 75% of hanging weight.

2 Pay your deposit

Select your preferred share size from our store, and place your order. Deposits are processed once a week.

3 Coordinate Final Details

In early September we will prompt you to touch base with Lakhaven Meats to determine your cut instructions.
We will charge you by the hanging weight, and you will pay the butcher for processing your Lamb.

Pricing Information

Whole lamb deposit: $130
Cost: $9.00/lbs Hanging paid to Walker Farms
Processing: $75.00 Flat cost paid to Lake Haven Meats

Half Custom Lamb Deposit: $65
Cost: $9.15/lbs Hanging paid to Walker Farms
Processing: $75.00 Flat cost paid to Lake Haven Meats


How much does a lamb typically weigh? 

Our goal is for our Lamb to hang at 72lbs. This seems to have the best marbling before they become overly fatty.

What are your favorite cuts?

Personally, I (Liese) am a sucker for Leg of Lamb with authentic mint sauce and a side of Colcannon (think loaded mashed potatoes). I also faint for Chicken Fried Lamb Chops with Cucumber Sauce and Caramelized Ginger Carrots.

How much will I take home?

A whole Lamb will yield roughly 55 lbs. of delicious grass-finished protein.

But how much space do I need in my freezer?

It depends on what cuts you get. I would normally ballpark it at 2 milk crates on the "fluffy side." Crown Roasts are pretty bulky while lamb chops are much smaller.


If you have questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us via email at Liese@WalkerFarmsmn.com or by phone at (763) 220-2527 ext. 2!

Would you like to sample before you buy? Check out retail cuts available for purchase on our website today!