Good food raised from the soil, up.
Pasture raised chicken

Welcome to the Walker Farms website! We are a small regenerative livestock farm in Princeton, MN. Our mission is to farm in a way that restores our soils through rotational grazing, reestablishing pastures, and mimicking nature in our management to draw down carbon and fight climate change. We offer pasture-raised pastured pork, pasture-raised chicken, and turkey, pasture-raised eggs, and grass fed beef. Our feed is non-GMO, 100% antibiotic free.

Who knew that taking care of our environment and combating climate change could be so delicious? 

Sign up to become part of the Walker Farms family. We currently offer bi-weekly delivery to the Northwest Minneapolis Metro, monthly delivery to the St. Cloud, Minnesota area, and are now offering farm-to-door shipping! 

Want to learn more about Walker Farms, and see regenerative agriculture in action? Feel free to pick up on farm, or contact us to see how we can work together to bring our farm closer to your family. 

Attention: Due to extenuating circumstances brought about by COVID-19, Walker Farms has instated additional hygiene protocols. What does this mean for you?

We will continue with our delivery schedule as is. Unfortunately, it will be dropping orders ding-dong-dash style, and won't be sticking around for our normal curbside chats. We encourage you to pay online. 

We will keep an eye on this situation as things progress and continue to serve you as best we can during these ominous times. We are committed to continuing to serve you and your families. 

How It Works

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I can’t say enough good [things] about the taste and quality of everything. Delivery is awesome too.
Steve Frisbie
They have the best tasting pork! Their chops, bacon and ribs melt in your mouth.
Nashia Soland
I love supporting my local farmers and being able to see the animals living happily and healthy on the farm! They care a lot about the animals, the land, their impact on the environment, and their customers! There is no where else I shop where I feel so good about where my money is going.
Liz Frink

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