Custom Butchered Meat

Are you ready to fill your freezer? There's no time like the present to reserve your custom butchered share.

How it works

Three small steps, one full freezer!

Select your share

We are only offering pork on the hanging weight at this time. We are offering custom half and whole hog shares. 1/4 pork and 1/8th beef boxes come with pre-determines cuts.

Call the Butcher

Call your custom cuts into the butcher. Contact information will be provided in the follow up email. It is highly recommended you call in your cuts as soon as you get the email so you don't forget to call!


You can pick up at the butcher, at the farm, or have it delivered to your home if you are in a pre-existing delivery area.


There is something pretty special about getting a custom meat done. You know its story, where it came from, and who raised it. You can see exactly what comes from an animal and learn how to best use it.

Custom Butchered Hog Share

Do you love our pasture-raised pork and are looking to buy in bulk? Opt for custom butchered pork! 
Purchase one share to reserve a half hog, or two to reserve a whole! 
Final cost per lbs by hanging weight - $3.55/lbs SALE $3.00/lbs
Average weight for 1/2 - 150 lbs
Average take-home weight - 97 lbs
Average paid to farmer - $553
Average paid to butcher - $200**
**Butcher rate cost will vary depending on processing instructions. 

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