Transparency in food production is a critical part of our relationship with our customers. We are happy to answer whatever additional questions you may have.

Transparency in food production.

What is Regenerative Agriculture?

In simple terms, regenerative agriculture is a holistic approach to agriculture that focuses on the interconnection of farming systems and the ecological system as a whole.

For our farm, it looks like taking land out of intensive row-cropping or development to introduce agricultural practices that build soil health, biodiversity, ecosystem resilience, and reconnect animals to their environment.

Vaccination Protocol

Our chickens are not vaccinated at all.

Beef animals that are born here are only vaccinated for tetanus if they are castrated. Beef animals that are purchased in may have received vaccinations however there is no FDA approved mRNA vaccination for beef cattle at this time.

Our breeding sows (mom pigs) are vaccinated with traditional vaccines (modified live or killed) once per year to help with piglet immunity/vigor.

Antibiotic Use

Animal health is a very high priority for our farm. Some concerns we address with traditional vaccines (modified live or killed, not mRNA), and some animals need to be treated for active infections. Illness happens, and we will not allow an animal to suffer with a disease that can be treated.

Are we organic?

We are not organic, and are not pursuing organic certification. We currently use GMO feed for our pigs and chickens as we have been having problems sourcing feed for the last year due to extreme drought and feed prices.

We are a regenerative farm that strive to rebuild soils, ecosystems and local food webs while providing high-quality proteins to our local community.

Do we offer tours?

Yes we do, although we do ask that you make an appointment ahead of time. We are a start up. so everyone on our farm works off-farm jobs as well so there is no guarantee that we will be available.

If you are a Scout Troop, Church Group, or Home School Group we can work with you to help fill requirements for badges or learning credit.

Please reach out to info@walkerfarmsmn.com for more information and scheduling.